Choosing the Perfect Fountain Pen Could Turn Out To Be a Tricky Task

There was a time when man did not know how to communicate with one another. Then language developed. The formation of languages led to the development of a community life. People speaking the same language usually resided together.

Evolution of writing:

The very first time a writing implement was used to express ones feelings could very well be the paintings found in the caves of ancient civilizations. These people tried to convey their thoughts and perception through art.

Verbal communications slowly gave way to writings. People began to express their ideas on stone slabs, or wall of caves.

Invention of pen:

It is believed that the first instrument that resembled a modern ink pen was developed around 953 BC to satisfy the desires of an emperor, who wanted an instrument that would cause the ink to flow to the nib efficiently without tarnishing his garments.

The modern age:

With the advent of modern civilization, the variety of pens available for sale is huge. Thousands of ink pens in all shapes and sizes, colour and variety are available in the market.

These fountain pens are used by students to write their exams, prepare notes, and by officials to put their signature on important documents. The use of a pen is immense.

Nonetheless, the kind of pen, which is most suitable for you, may depend upon your requirements. Let us give a few tips, which you can keep in mind when going about purchasing your ideal pen. A few pointers have been discussed below.

Your handwriting style:

A lot depends on how you write.

  • If your writing were neat and small, you would do best by purchasing an ink pen with a fine tip.
  • If you need a pen for making quick notes, you should buy pen with broad nib.
  • If you tend to put too much pressure on your pen while writing, an iridium tipped pen is best for you.
  • For artists and people, who practise calligraphy, extremely fine nibs are essential.

Important points to keep in mind:

  • The quality of an ink pen may differ from region to region and place to place. A medium tip in one country could very well be a fine nib in another country.
  • Keep your objective in mind while purchasing the pen. Different pens suit different people. There are no all-purpose pens. It also helps to check fountain pen ratings when looking for the right one.
  • Keep your budget in mind.

The price of the pen:

Remember that the most expensive pens are not usually the ones that work the finest. The price of a pen depends upon its material. The more expensive the material the higher is the value of the pen. Make sure also that you don’t fall victim to “paying for the brand name”. You really want a good overall build quality, a good example of this are Parker fountain pens.

Quality of a pen:

The best ink pens are usually:

  • Those whose tip is made up of gold alloys.
  • The feed, which allows ink to flow to the tip, is made of ebonite.

Choosing a pen may seem like an easy option, but it could be quite tricky as taste and preferences keep on changing.

Try picking up an ink pen from a store near you or purchase it online. Who knows, maybe it could turn out to be your ideal companion.